Azeroth is not a gentle land. Conflics have beset this world for generations – a world that still manages to survive through civil war, racial war, and battles over land, magic, and misunderstandings. Conflict is commonplace, and life spans are short for those who struggle to create a brighter future from a war-torn past.

Horde_Crest.pngStill recovering from a civil war that threatened to tear their faction apart the Horde endures; battered and beaten, but not yet broken. Much is still to be done to repair the internal damage caused by their former Warchief, but with the ever-present threat of the Alliance, time to heal is a luxury the Horde can seldom afford. The hour of crisis fast approaches, and only by working together again will it’s members find strength. Lok’tar ogar: victory or death.

AllianceCrest.pngDespite their recent triumphant against the Horde, the Alliance have entered a period of uneasy peace with the surviving Horde rebels. Using this brief time of respite to reflect on past conflicts, and strengthen their much worn frontlines, the Alliance are in a position of power unseen since the Second War. However, with bickering nobles and shadowy organisations operating in their heartlands, keeping the upper hand will be no easy task.

Recently unsettling news has began to spread of Zandalari troll sightings in their former seats of power. Whisper rumours of blood rituals and malevolent deities paint a sinister picture. Zandalari never forget. Old hatreds never die.

And beneath blackened forests of dead trees something restless watches all…

World of Warcraft: Recurring Nightmares

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