World of Warcraft: Recurring Nightmares

The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall
or How I learned to start worrying and fear the spider

Tyrin Grayson, noble of Lordaeron, hero of the Alliance, and knight of the Silver Hand, had retired from active military service several years ago. But with reports of malefic nightmares plaguing the town of Darkshire, and much of the Alliance forces still stationed in Kalimdor, the agents of SI:7 had no one else to turn to.

Given the task of finding and removing the source of these nightmares Tyrin set about forming a team that would help aid in solving this mystery.

Hralf Sparkcog, a tram mechanic with an aptitude for magic was the first to answer his call. Eager for adventure after a life of being city-bound.
Second was Qiang Swiftpaw, an apprentice brewmaster from the far off land of Pandaria. Qiang came to the Eastern Kingdoms in search of her master.
Last to join the group was Johnathan Henry-Moore, a Gilnean worgen and former doctor. His search for a permanent cure to the worgen curse already pushing him towards Duskwood.

Two days travel from Stormwind the party arrived at the north-eastern border of Duskwood. Their expedition took a turn for the worse when, not even ten minutes into the dark forests, giant spiders ambushed them. Unprepared for a fight, one of the venomous arachnids bit Dr Johnathan, it’s poison crippling him. Only the quick thinking of Hralf, and the doctor’s own foresightedness to bring healing potions saved his life. Tyrin fared little better, but the nimble footed Qiang danced circles around the remaining spiders, beating them into submission.
Alerted to the sounds of conflict watcher Backus of the Darkshire Nights Watch arrived on the scene. The heroes accepted his offer to escort them to Darkshire, and within the hour they were resting at the renowned Scarlet Raven Inn.

After a fitful night’s sleep, the group set about investigating the nightmares plaguing the town.

Reporting to Althea Ebonlocke, commander of the Nights Watch, the group discovered she had no real authority over the investigation. Instead that belonged to the self important magistrate Haden Bellerose. Chauvinistically dismissive of Althea’s involvement, Haden informed the group of three possible leads;

  • Reports of a strange chanting coming from within the Tranquil Gardens Cemetery,
  • A suspected alliance between a group of dark iron dwarves and the ogres of Vul’Gol,
  • And the possibility of a lich at large in the abandoned town of Raven Hill.
    He also mentioned his suspicions of the nightmares being magical in nature.

Hesitant to trust the conceited magistrate, Hralf performed a divining ritual to discern if indeed the nightmares were magical in nature. He confirmed the presence of a faint malign arcane phantasm acting on the region, but it was too indistinct to pinpoint an origin.

Meanwhile Qiang found herself in friendly conversation with a travelling salesman. After mentioning his prices were too steep for her, the salesman offered to sell her a rare hearthstone at a discount, in exchange for a traditional pandaren song.
Tyrin noted the group could visit each of the location Bellerose had mentioned by heading east. Gathering the party he led them out of town and on to the Tranquil Gardens Cemetery.

The cemetery itself was anything but tranquil. Something had disturbed many of the graves, leaving gnawed bones strewn across the graveyard.
Hralf detected the lingering essence of recent evocations emanating from the nearby chapel.

Approaching the chapel with caution, the group found the doors to be open. Inside, bathed in unnatural light and knelt before an altar was a large robed figure, muttering to himself in an alien tongue. Making their presence known to the figure he turned to face the group, revealing himself to be a draenei. An anchorite by the name of Delan, the draenei explained how he was holding vigil over the cemetery; working with the Holy Light to calm wayward spirits. When questioned about the malign nightmares Delan could offer little help. Instead, he offered Johnathan an ornate crossbow belonging to the chapels former occupants.

With one lead down the group set out again, this time hoping to convene at a Nights Watch camp just outside the Vul’Gor ogre mound. But, as the adventurers approached the camp the boisterous tones of the dwarven language caught their ear. With the possibility of danger, Hralf volunteered to sneak into the camp-site alone. Despite his small stature the gnome blundered right into one of the stocky dark irons. Shocked by the dwarf’s sudden appearance, Hralf was unable to explain himself, and the dwarf manhandled him to the central tent. Inside he discovered a watcher Petras, exhausted, but still very much in charge of the camp-site. Now given a moment to compose himself, Hralft mentioned it was Commander Ebonlocke who had sent him. At the mention of Ebonlocke’s name there was a dramatic change in the dark iron’s attitude. Introducing himself as Foreman Beld, he gruffly apologised for his early treatment of the gnome. The dwarf went on to explain that he and his kin were part of a mining team, hoping to excavate the mineral rich Vul’Gor ogre mound. Although they had attempted to negotiate with the ogres their intent was not as sinister as Bellerose had implied. The problem was the ogre leader, a powerful two-headed magi named Mag’Vul. Violence met all attempts to speak with him.

Realising the dwarves were harmless, Hralf sent out an arcane whisper to his friends. Within minutes they too were in the camp. Beld offered the heroes a handsome reward if they could help solve his problem with the ogres. After a small discussion, the group decided to spend the night in the encampment before dealing with Mag’Vul. All but Qiang turned in for what little sleep they could manage, the apprentice brewmaster instead staying up to trade drink and songs with the rowdy dwarves.

The following morning the somewhat rested group set out for the Vul’Gor basin; cautiously optimistic about a diplomatic solution.
Yet Tyrin’s forceful request for the ogres to bring out their leader only fueled their aggressive nature. With negotiations all but over, an impetuous Qiang declared a challenge against any ogre who would dare oppose her. Rising to meet her challenge one of the ogres began to bear down on her, crude club in hand. Flying at him head on Qiang delivered a quick paw to the face of her aggressor, knocking him out, and breaking his jaw in the process. With precision and grace she incapacitated three more of the approaching monstrosities in rapid succession.

Meanwhile, from the cover the basin’s edge, Hralf and Johnathan were laying down a deadly storm of crossbow bolts, alchemist’s fire and arcane missiles.

Tyrin had began his own duel against an ogre. Despite his years of experience battling the beasts during the first and second wars, the paladin’s youth was far behind him. In the fight he lost grip of his warhammer and, unarmed, caught a vicious blow to the chest, leaving him unconscious against a tree. But before the ogre could deliver a final blow to the aged man, Hralf bludgeoned it with a wall of force.

Drawn out by the commotion the adventurers were causing, Mag’Vul emerged from his cave at the far end of the basin. Johnathan leapt into action, bounding across the basin to pepper the magi with more vials of alchemist’s fire.

Enraged and on fire, Mag’Vul began drawing upon dark energies, infusing his menacing iron maul in an aura of darkness. Living up to her family name Qiang sprang through the shadows, delivering a kick to each of the ogre’s heads. With the ogre stunned, Johnathan loosed one final crossbow bolt through the magi’s leg. Yowling in pain Mag’Vul collapsed to the ground.

An Initial Gathering
Plans laid

On this the nineteenth day of the six month, two thousand and fourteen orbits of sol since records began.
Beneath a waning gibbous moon, four weary travelers did meet to discuss the coming adventure. Sadly one member of the company could not be present.

The plan began with a summer start, several sessions would be blocked closely together so progress could be made as we begin the task set before the company.
It was suggested that some time away from home would allow us to complete this more efficiently.
After this initial burst a more regular session would run, allowing the task to come to completion. These sessions would not exceed a few hours or have regular breaks so the adventurers maintain focus. They would preferably take place during the afternoon or late evening.
The exact dates for these need confirmation from several members of the company however the summer start would not begin until after the twenty first day of the seventh month. Monday was proposed as a possible recurring date for repeat sessions.
If travelers could not physically reach the identified location then video communication could be a viable alternative.

The travelers decided upon an allegiance with the Alliance. Present in the company would be:
- A Gnomish Electro-magus
- A Worgen Alchemist
- A Draenei Paladin
- The fourth member was sadly not present however it is wished that he will fulfil the rogue of the company and provide the stealth aspect.

With regards to character creation, this would be an individual process with the Master due to the complexity of the process. However members of the company need to post on the portal by the twenty sixth day of the six month a description of their adventurer to allow for holistic creation by other members.

The Master also declared that the tome of pathfinder will need to be purchased in print, it was suggested that this be a group purchase with other vital supplies to allow for a fairer share of the cost. Also required by the group will be printed character sheets, notebooks, writing equipment and a folder to keep it all safe. Due to the potential long running of the adventure it is vital we ensure we begin well prepared for the journey.
On top of the printed character sheets, players will require an electronic copy that can be updated allowing for easy replacement and to keep better records. If playing a wizard with a requirement for spells, then printed spell books will also be necessary.

The meeting concluded with company members agreeing to complete the descriptions and begin individual character creation after the twenty sixth day of the six month. The next meeting was not set due to the possible extended nature of the next stage.


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