World of Warcraft: Recurring Nightmares

An Initial Gathering

Plans laid

On this the nineteenth day of the six month, two thousand and fourteen orbits of sol since records began.
Beneath a waning gibbous moon, four weary travelers did meet to discuss the coming adventure. Sadly one member of the company could not be present.

The plan began with a summer start, several sessions would be blocked closely together so progress could be made as we begin the task set before the company.
It was suggested that some time away from home would allow us to complete this more efficiently.
After this initial burst a more regular session would run, allowing the task to come to completion. These sessions would not exceed a few hours or have regular breaks so the adventurers maintain focus. They would preferably take place during the afternoon or late evening.
The exact dates for these need confirmation from several members of the company however the summer start would not begin until after the twenty first day of the seventh month. Monday was proposed as a possible recurring date for repeat sessions.
If travelers could not physically reach the identified location then video communication could be a viable alternative.

The travelers decided upon an allegiance with the Alliance. Present in the company would be:
- A Gnomish Electro-magus
- A Worgen Alchemist
- A Draenei Paladin
- The fourth member was sadly not present however it is wished that he will fulfil the rogue of the company and provide the stealth aspect.

With regards to character creation, this would be an individual process with the Master due to the complexity of the process. However members of the company need to post on the portal by the twenty sixth day of the six month a description of their adventurer to allow for holistic creation by other members.

The Master also declared that the tome of pathfinder will need to be purchased in print, it was suggested that this be a group purchase with other vital supplies to allow for a fairer share of the cost. Also required by the group will be printed character sheets, notebooks, writing equipment and a folder to keep it all safe. Due to the potential long running of the adventure it is vital we ensure we begin well prepared for the journey.
On top of the printed character sheets, players will require an electronic copy that can be updated allowing for easy replacement and to keep better records. If playing a wizard with a requirement for spells, then printed spell books will also be necessary.

The meeting concluded with company members agreeing to complete the descriptions and begin individual character creation after the twenty sixth day of the six month. The next meeting was not set due to the possible extended nature of the next stage.


Just a note on needing a stealthy character; a barely competent Worgen can still be pretty adept at stealth with minimal of investment (something like 1 skill point for a +5 bonus), so I wouldn’t quite say you’d need a rogue in the group to play effectively.

An Initial Gathering

The phrase was ‘wished’ however I did not realise that the Worgen’s were adept at stealth. Seems useful considering the fourth is a panda :P

An Initial Gathering

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