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Seeing as I’m not really on facebook, and you need to pay to use the forum function on this site, I made a to act as a kind of “poor man’s discussion board” if you’ve got anything you want to talk about.


For those unfamiliar to the setting I’ve plagiarised a rough timeline. Because of the longevity of some of the races it’s pretty long, but unless you’re playing some sort of loremaster you shouldn’t really need to remember everything on it. If there’s anything else about the setting you’re curious about there’s also Wowpedia.


- Easter Kingdoms
- Kalimdor
- Northrend
- Pandaria
- Outland


- Draenei
- Dwarf
- Gnome
- Human
- Night Elf
- Worgen

- Blood Elf
- Forsaken
- Goblin
- Orc
- Tauren
- Troll

- Pandaren

A note on classes: don’t let the names fool you, some classes in pathfinder can become really expansive in what they represent, and the opportunities available to them. So if you want to be something like a pandren loremaster, dwarven archaeologist, or an orcish beastmaster, then that’s totally doable! Also, I kept the pathfinder names for a few iconic warcraft classes to avoid confusion, so a shaman is represented by the oracle class, and a warlock uses the summoner class.


- Holy Light of Creation / An’she
- Elune / Mu’sha
- Cult of the Forgotten Shadow
- Shamanism

Main Page

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