426px-Glowei_Orc_Warrior.jpgDescription: Orcish history is entrenched in the ways of shamanism, but also in ferocity and raw strength. Although coerced into servitude by the Burning Legion, the orcs have since freed themselves. Notable orcish heroes are bastions of strength, those who fought and still relentlessly fight for honor, glory, and the Horde.

Appearance: Orc males are massive and brutish looking creatures. Weighing in at 250 to 300 pounds and standing from 6 to 7 feet in height, they are not a small race. Even orc women tend to be only a half-foot or so shorter than most males (and some of them are equal in stature to their male counterparts), having broad shoulders and muscular, powerful bodies.
Orcs tend to have bristly hair and beards, often black or brown in colour. Their skin, a physical reminder of their demonic enslavement, ranges ranges from a light green to a drab olive. Eyes range in colour from a fierce unnatural red to a pale blue. Orcs have broad, flat noses, tusk-like teeth jutting from their lower and sometimes upper jaws, and large pointed ears.

000-orc.jpgFaith: Orcish religion takes the form of an animistic worldview that has strange parallels with the practices of the Kaldorei. Orc shaman draw their power from the forces of the elements and the spirits of nature, forming a very intimate connection with the world that surrounds them. This awareness has led to even more revelations of their race’s true nature, as the orcs realize that they live more in harmony with the world than many outsiders would believe.
In orcish culture, any shaman that has been spoken to by the spirits is given equal respect and honor regardless of age or experience.

Names: Most orcish names derive from words in their language that have some complex meaning or hidden significance to their families. Typically, this is the name of a favorite thing or relative. Family generally names don’t exist, with orcs preferring instead to use the names of their fathers to show lineage (for example Thrall, Son of Durotan). However some orcs choose to take last names related to some great deed of personal heroism or honor. In the case of truly incredible deeds, an orc might take on the last name of a parent to ensure that the chronicle of that terrific deed lives on.

  • Male Names: Grom, Thrum, Drog, Gorrum, Harg, Thurg, Karg.
  • Female Names: Groma, Hargu, Igrim, Agra, Dragga, Grima.
  • Family Names: Doomhammer, Deadeye, Forebinder, Elfkiller, Skullsplitter, Axeripper, Tearshorn, Fistcrusher, Nosebasher, Scruton

Racial Traits

+2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence: Orcs are physically imposing and incredibly tough, but are more likely to follow their passions instead of reason.
Medium: Orcs are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Normal Speed: Orcs have a base speed of 30 feet.
Blood Fury (Ex): If an orc’s hit points fall below 0 but they are not yet dead, they can continue to fight. If they do, they are staggered, and loses 1 hit point each round. They still die when their hit points reach a negative amount equal to their Constitution score.
Command Beast: Orcs receive Animal Affinity as a bonus feat a 1st level.
Legacy of War: Orcs are proficient in the use of battleaxes, greataxes, and handaxes. Additionally orcs treat orc claws of attack as martial weapons rather than exotic weapons.
Low-Light Vision: Orcs can see twice as far as a race with normal vision in conditions of dim light.
Languages: Orcs begin play speaking Orcish. Furthermore, orcs with high Intelligence scores can learn Common, Goblin, Taur-ahe, Thalassian, and Zandali.
Favoured Classes: Alchemist, Barbarian, Cavalier, Fighter, Monk, Oracle, Ranger, Rogue, Summoner, Wizard.


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