Creation of Azeroth (Pre-Time)
~ In the beginning there were the Old God, who ruled over Azeroth with their elemental legions.
~ Then came the Titans. They imprisoned the Old Gods deep beneath the ground and banishe their armies to the elemental planes.
~ Free from the taint of the Old Ones, the Titans began remaking Azeroth.
~ They created the Earthen to help them reshape the world. After the Earthen were done they went to sleep underground.
~ In the centre of Azeroth’s singular continent, Kalimor, the Titans placed a great lake and imbued it with enough magic and power for life to take root independantly. This arcane fount would later be called the Well of Enternity.
~ The titans then blessed five dragons each with a unique magic and charged them with keeping the peace on Azeroth. This is where the “Aspects” come from; Ysera the Dreamer (green), Alexstraza the Life-Binder (red), Nozdormu the Timeless One (bronze), Malgyos the Spell-Weaver (blue), Neltharion the Earth Warder (black).
~ The titans then left to do other stuff.

Sargeras and the Burning Legion (Pre-Time)
~ Meanwhile the greatest of the Titan’s warriors, charged with protecting creating from the evil and chaos of the Great Beyond began to fall to doubt. His name was Sargeras.
~ He became upset because evil seemed to be everywhere.
~ He got so pissed off at his impossible task that he went crazy, and started to think that chaos was the natural order of things.
~ He then decided that he was just going to corrupt everything, and destroy all the good everywhere.
~ He united the demonic hordes he’d previously fought against, and call his army the Burning Legion.

Trolls (-16,000 ~ -14,000)
~ The first bunch of humanoids to walk on Azeroth were the Trolls. No one knows where they came from, but they are the oldest race on the planet.
~ The old gods, it turns out, still had influence over the planet from their trapped locations, and they started a huge war using the Qiraj of Azj’Aqir, a large insectoid race.
~ The Trolls managed to force the Qiraj to the corners of Azeroth, fracturing them into the lasser empires of Ahn’Qiraj, in Silithus, Azjol-Nerub, in Northrend, and the Mantid swarms, in Pandaria.
~ The Trolls had several internal wars, and spread out all over Azeroth. There were 4 major factions at this point: the Jungle, Forest, Zandalar, and the “Lost” who went deep into the mainland.
~ The Lost Tribe ended up in the middle of Kalimdor, and discovered the fountain of pure mana that was the Well of Eternity. Living close to it led to them becoming what we know as Night Elves.
~ The night elves began worshipped the moon, believing she was the source of the power in the well. They called their goddess Elune.
~ In the south the pandaren rose up against the mogu slavers and their Zandalari allies, successfully overthrew them, and created the Pandaren Empire.

Night elves and the Well of Eternity (-13,500 ~ -10,000)
~ The power of the Well fed them and extended their magic and knowledge.
~ Their high queen Azshara realized that some of their people had strong gifts for Arcane magic. She called those night elves “Highborne”.
~ Azshara’s counselor, Xavius, began to experiment with the powers of the well, and in doing so caught the attention of Sargeras – who began to whisper to him through a portal he had opened using the well’s power.
~ Sargeras tricked both Xavius and Azshara into trying to summon him to Azeroth using the powers of the Well.

The Corruption of The Black Dragonflight (64,001 ~ -9,000)
~ Basically after helping create the world the various dragons had gone to rest all over Azeroth. In the case of the Neltharion, the Earth Warder, he went deep underground.
~ While he was underground, the Old Gods began talking to the great black dragon, convincing him slowly that he was the mightiest of all the dragons and he should take the powers of the other dragons for himself.
~ When Azshara began the spell, it roused his attention, because the very earth groaned with the horror if it.

Illidan the Betrayer and The Sundering (-10,000 ~ -9,000)
~ Illidan Stormrange wasn’t a Highborne, but wanted to train in Arcane magic anyways. This was probably to catch the attention of Tyrande Wisperwind, who was and, still is, in love with his twin brother, Malfurion Stormrage.
~ When Azshara began to summon Sargaras, Malfurion summoned forces to stop her.
~ When Illidan realized that Malfurion was going to destroy the Well, the source of all magic, he turned-coat and told Azshara what was going to happen.
~ Malfurion was only just able to stop the ceremony in time, but much damage was done – demons were flooding Azeroth and the whole world was torn into large pieces – literally, the Well exploded, breaking apart the land, and created the Maelstrom. This event was later known as the Sundering.
~ Azshara and the Highborne who couldn’t escape the destruction of the Well sank to the bottom of the Great Sea with their city. As they reached the ocean floor, with their magical barriers fail, the Old Gods offered to save Azshara and her people in exchange for their servitude. With no choice they accepted the deal and were mutated into Naga.
~ The last pandaren emperor becomes one with the land, protecting the newly islanded Pandaria from the worst of the Sundering. Pandaria became shrouded in mists.

Deathwing (-10,000 ~ -9,000)
~ When Neltharion came out of the earth, he convinced the other four dragon Aspects to channel all their power into an artifact, known as the Demon Soul, so he could seal the portal and slay the demon horde.
~ Naturally he tried to kill them all instead.
~ Now called Deathwing, Neltharion basically obliterated nearly all of the flights – they were barely able to scrape enough magic together to protect themselves and a scant few eggs.
~ Malfurion managed to steal the Demon Soul with Ysera’s help and eventually it was hidden in some undisclosed location.
~ Deathwing trashed the planet in his rage, and Malygos, horrified that he had helped convince the other dragons into his brother’s trap, went to Northrend in self-exile. Malygos’ mental state decreases exponentially.

The Creation of the World Tree (-9,000)
~ Unknown to all Illidan had managed to save some of the water from the Well, and attempted to make a new well in order to preserve magic on Azeroth.
~ The three remaining dragon Aspects realized what Illidan had done, and headed to Hyjal.
~ The Well that Illidan had created was corrupt – so in order to seal it, three of the dragons, Alexstrasza, Nozdormu, and Ysera planted and grew a magical tree over top of the corrupt well.
~ This tree was called Nordrassil, the World Tree.
~ The three dragons blessed and charged the night elves to protect the tree from invasion and to destroy any demons they found, as well, they had to send druids to spend time with Ysera in the Emerald Dream. In return they would become immortal.
~ Malfurion caught Illidan and stuck him in a cave.

High Elves and Humans (-7,300 ~ -2,700)
~ The remaining Highborne, refusing to remain with their backwater cousins who had ruined their source of magic, traveled across the sea to make their own path.
~ So far away from the World Tree, they began to starve and die, their bodies becoming tiny and frail.
~ Their first king created the Sunwell, using a great magic to feed his people. This power saved them and they built a land around it to protect it (Quel’Thalas). They became known as high elves.
~ Early tribal humans ran into the elves due to their lands being so close. Together they fought against the forest trolls of Zul’Aman.
~ The high elves were impressed by the humans efforts during the troll wars and began to teach them simple magic at a neutral ground called Dalaran.
~ Due to this magic use, demons were again attracted to Azeroth, so the elves and humans convened to create a guardian who would have an extended life and magical powers to destroy all demons that came into Azeroth. This guardian became known as the Guardian of Tirisfal.

Dwarf History (-2,500 ~ -230)
~ Around the time the humans showed up, the Earthen began to awaken in their chambers deep underground. Inflicted with the Curse of Flesh by the Old Gods they had lost most of their original powers, but not their desire to craft things.
~ They called themselves dwarves.
~ At some point in time, the dwarves divided into three clans, that eventually went to war with each other.
~ The Dark Iron clan leader, Thaurissan wanted to take control of all the clans, and in his digging in Blackrock Mountain, he dug so deep he came close to Fire Lord Ragnaros (former general of the Old Gods) – who told him if he could be freed, he would send an army of fire to consume his enemies.
~ The resulting explosion destroyed everything near Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes and crippled the Dark Irons.
~ The Wildhammer and Bronzebeard clans stood against the meager remnants of the Dark Irons and managed to force them back into the mountain.

Draenei/Eredar/Orcs/Legion (-24,969 ~ -11)
~ As Sargeras found more things to corrupt he ran into a group of magic users who were very powerful. They were called the Eredar. Two thirds of them were hungry for power, and were corrupted.
~ The final third, led by Velan ran away from Sargeras, aided by the Naaru.
~ They spent several millennia fleeing to many worlds but were always found.
~ Finally they landed on a world inhabited by peaceful shamanic tribes of a simple people called Orcs. They had found a new home, and called it Draenor, and themselves Draenei.
~ They were found here as well, by Archimonde (one the three Eredar leaders).
~ Kil’jaeden (the other Eredar leader) tried to trick the leader of the orcs, Ner’zhul into tying his people to the Legion – promising him wealth and power. While Ner’zhul refused to submit, Kil’jaeden found that his second in command, Gul’dan, was more than willing to accept.
~ Now in a position of power Gul’dan creates the Shadow Council and uses it to manipulate the orcs into forming the first Horde. He picks Blackhand the Destroyer as it’s figurehead/Warchief.
~ Kil’jaeden gifts Gul’dan demonblood to empower his army.
~ Gul’dan then used the blood to enslave the whole orc race to the will of the Burning Legion.
~ The orcs turned on the draenei and waged a massive war with them, all but wiping them out.
~ With the draenei gone Kil’jaeden leaves, failing to deliver on his promises, and the Horde falls to infighting as their world slowly dies.

Medivh (-823 ~ 0)
~ After a long line of guardians a simple human woman was made Guardian of Tirisfal, and in her task of destroying demons, she accidentally ran into a group of demons summoning Sargeras.
~ Although she slew his physical form and sealed it in a tomb untouchable but the denizens of Azeroth, the will of Sargeras sat dormant inside her.
~ Spurred on by Sargeras, she refused to give up her powers when her time came, and instead chose to bestowed them on her newborn son, Medivh – who was then felly possessed by Sargeras.
~ Medivh grew up to be the most powerful wizard in all of Azeroth. Led by Sargeras he opened the Dark Portal, a doorway between Azeroth and Draenor.

The First War (0 ~ 5)
~ The orcs came pouring through the portal en masse and destroyed everything in their path.
~ Medivh’s corruption is discovered by his apprentice and the half-orc defector Garona Halforcen, and is eventually slain by his lifelong friend Anduin Lothar.
~ Discovering Gul’dan and his Shadow Council’s betrayal of his race, Blackhand’s second usurps his position and becomes the new Warchief.
~ The orcs raised Stormwind, and Garona assassinates King Llane after being bewitched by orc warlocks. The remaining humans flee north to their cousins in Lordaeron.
~ The new Warchief, Orgrim Doomhammer, destroys the Shadow Council, but spares Gul’dan. Gul’dan sleeps through the whole thing.

The Second War (5 ~ 7)
~ Hellbent on conquering all of Azeroth the orcs think “hey, let’s try the same thing, only with allies this time!” and gain the help of the trolls.
~ Sadly, they were thwarted, due to the humans doing the same thing, forming the Alliance with high elves and dwarves.
~ Spurred on by Sargeras, Gul’dan leaves the Horde in search of Sargeras’ tomb.
~ Orgrim breaks his siege on the human capital, to put a stop to Gul’dan, losing him the war.
~ Not being from Azeroth Gul’dan foolishing opens Sargeras’ tomb, freeing the fallen titan, and dies almost instantly.
~The orcs retreated through the Dark Portal to Draenor, closing it behind them. Many were left behind.

Outland (8 ~ 10)
~ Ner’zhul received visions of a promised land and begins uniting the fractured tribes into a new Horde.
~ Needing a bunch of artifacts, he reopened the Dark Portal using Gul’dan’s skull, and sends small groups of orcs through the Dark Portal to steal them from human cities.
~ The humans decided that the Dark Portal being open again was bad, so they sent an army through to close it and kill the orcs.
~ Ner’zhul tried opening a bunch of other portals on Draenor so the orcs could entre their promised land. Unfortunately, the portals went ker-splodie instead.
~ The human armies realized that this meant the entire planet would blow up, so they closed the Dark Portal from Draenor so it wouldn’t blow up Azeroth too.
~ Draenor gets torn apart. The parts left floating around the Twisting Nether become known as Outland.

The Corruption of Ner’Zhul (10 ~ 21)
~ Ner’zhul and his followers ran through a portal only to find they’d been manipulated by Kil’jaeden all along. Oops!
~ Kil’jaeden tortured Ner’zhul and his followers for a very long time.
~ After a long period of time, Kil’jaeden drew Ner’zhul back out of the Nether when he needed a commander for a new mission to destroy Azeroth – using a plague of undeath!
~ Kil’jaeden sealed his soul into a helm and a sword and encased them both in a throne of ice, which he then placed in the deepest part of Northrend.

Fate of the Orcs (18 ~ 20)
~ Flashback to the First War: Disgraced noble Aedelas Blackmoore was out riding one day when came across and infant orc and it’s murdered parents in the wild. The orc’s parents were actually the ones who warned Doomhammer of the Shadow Council’s betrayal of the orcs, having been killed by Gul’dan’s assassins.
~ Anyway, Blackmoore decides to keep the orc as a pet, raising him to be a gladiator. He names the baby Thrall.
~ Flashforward to the end of the Second War: The humans took the rest of the orcs on Azeroth and imprisoned them in great internment camps. Blackmoore is one such camp owner. Finally overcome by their spiritual corruption the orcs enter a deep lethargy.
~Now a teen, Thrall escaped due to his friendship with a human girl, and realizing it wasn’t nice what the humans had done to his people.
~ Thrall starts setting his people free, becomes a Shaman by training with the Frostwolf clan leader Drek’Thar, and joins forces with Grom Hellscream and Orgrim Doomhammer. Inspired by Thrall the lethargy of the orcs ceases.
~ Doomhammer dies at Hammerfall, and Thrall gets his weapon, the Doomhammer, which he wields to this day. In his honor, Thrall will name Orgrimmar after him.
~ Medivh (no longer possessed by Sargeras and randomly back from the dead) tells Thrall he needs to take his people and get out of the Eastern Kingdoms because a great evil is coming.
~ Thrall listens to him and takes what forces he can muster across the ocean.
~ Thrall meets up with a troll tribe on an island near the Maelstrom, being overrun my murlocs. He saves the trolls and convinces them to come with him to Kalimdor, so they do.

Fate of the Humans (18 ~ 21)
~ In the human side of things, a young prince named Arthas Menethil is told by Medivh that he also needs to run across the sea to Kalimdor. He disagrees.
~ The undead Scourge begins to kill most of Lordaeron. Arthas goes mad with grief, trying to stymie the plague by even killing people ahead of time. He also kills the necromancer Kel’thuzad who is leading some of the Scourge. But it isn’t enough.
~ Arthas opts to go to the source of the issue: Northrend.
~ While there he hears of a magical, powerful sword beyond all imagining and figures that this sword may be the only way to save his people. The sword is called Frostmourne.
~ Arthas takes up the sword, and is possessed by Ner’zhul, who had cleverly laid the sword out hoping to capture someone to become his new body.
~ Arthas goes back to Lordaeron and kills his father and overruns the whole land with the undead.
~ A human mage named Jaina Proudmoore was with Arthas as he began his descent into madness and upon hearing Medivh’s warning, left for Kalimdor with a bunch of warriors, hoping to find a safe haven.

Orcs in Kalimdor (20)
~ When Thrall lands on Kalimdor, he soon finds a group of people known as tauren, who are struggling to survive due to centaurs driving them out. He aids his new allies and they become good friends.
~ It turns out that the Burning Legion have kept and eye on the orcs, and Mannoroth (the demon whose blood they drank) comes to collect what is his due. That is, he wants to take the orcs who were trapped on Azeroth back under his control.
~ The Warsong clan, led by Grom Hellscream, comes up against the night elves, who don’t take too kindly to their trees being messed with, but both forces are blown away by the Burning Legion coming and suddenly attacking. Grom foolishly makes a pact with the Legion in order to overcome the elves.

The Legion in Kalimdor (21)
~ Tyrande Whisperwind, now leader of the night elves, upon seeing what the demons are doing to her people, knows that Illidan might be the only one with enough magical power and knowledge to drive them back.
~ Illidan was eager to prove himself, and ran up against Arthas only to find they were evenly matched. Arthas tells Illidan about the Skull of Gul’dan and its immense power, knowing this will bring Illidan into the Legion’s forces.
~ Illidan runs off to find the skull, eats it, and slaughters a demon army. He mutates into a demony thing, but still retains his personality.
~ When he returns, his brother freaks out and banishes him from Kalimdor.

Arthas, the Sunwell, and Sylvanas (18 ~ 22)
~ After Arthas killed his dad, he decided to bring Kel’thuzad back to life as a lich. To do that, he needed a sacred urn and some magic water.
~ The sacred urn was held by Uther Lightbringer, so Arthas killed him.
~ The magic water was the Sunwell of Quel’thalas.
~ Arthas and the undead marched through Quel’thalas, but a high elf ranger named Sylvanas Windrunner kept trying to stop him. So he killed her and brought her back as an spooky ghost.
~ Then he corrupted the Sunwell and brought Kel’thuzad back to life.
~ Kel’thuzad pillaged the arcane vaults of Dalaran, and summoned Archimonde, Mannoroth, and most of the rest of the Burning Legion to Azeroth.
~ Archimonde destroyed Dalaran just because. Only a small portion of it managed to escape by teleporting away.
~ Sylvanas repossesses her body. She eventually finds that Arthas’ hold on her is weakening and plots to kill him. She fails.
~ Sylvanas takes some of Arthas’ army with her, and they become the beginnings of the forsaken.

Archimonde and the World Tree (21 ~ 22)
~ Thrall and Grom Hellscream run into Mannoroth.
~ Grom kills Mannoroth and dies in the process, but in doing so he frees all orcs from the corrupting blood debt.
~ Jaina arrives in Kalimdor. Desperate for help, she turns to the orcs and the elves and helps drive back the Legion’s forces.
~ They then realize that Archimonde is after the Nordrassil, the World Tree – they gather their forces, and try to hold him back but he is too powerful.
~ Archimonde rips the tree partly out of the ground, while Malfurion summons a giant ball of spirits who basically make the tree grow into him, and eat him alive.
~ The tree is now ruined due to Archimonde’s corruption and night elves become mortal.
~ Jaina and Thrall shake hands and call it a day. They found the cities of Theramore and Orgrimmar respectively.

Illidan, Kael’thas and Outland (21 ~ 22)
~ Kael’thas prince of the decimated high elves, renamed blood elves in honour of their fallen, knew it wouldn’t be long before the Scourge completely destroyed his people, and without the Sunwell were beginning to grow weak again (it turns out they were addicted to its magic).
~ Kael’thas went to his human allies, who basically treat him like garbage, putting his failing army on the front lines to spare their own forces.
~ Kael’thas was approached by Illidan who promised a new hope; the raw unbound magic of Outland.
~ Kael’thas and Illidan marched to Outland to find salvation for their people.
~ The plan backfired with Kil’jaeden kicking the crap out of Illidan.
~ Illidan is spared, but only on the condition he defeats Arthas, who was becoming too powerful for Kil’jaeden’s liking.

Northrend (21 ~ 22)
~ Arthas/Ner’zhul realised that their plans are about to foiled as the pesky forsaken were aiming to destroy the frozen throne where Ner’zhul’s spirit is.
~ Arthas rushes back to the frozen throne, knowing that the forsaken will head there to destroy Ner’zhul’s weakened soul.
~ Arthas enslaves the nerubians of Azjol-Nerub along the way. They lead him through their old city where he finds and kills part of an Old God.
~ Arthas is nearly there when Illidan shows up to stop him, but he was no match for Arthas.
~ Arthas trots up to the frozen throne, puts on his shiny new cursed helmet and becomes the Lich King. Arthas then enjoys a nice long sit.

The Black Flight (8 ~ 25)
~ After being chased relentlessly for his crimes for hundreds of years, when the Dark Portal opened up Deathwing took some of his flight and dozens of eggs and opted to hide in Outland.
~ The gronn Gruul destroyed nearly all of the Black Dragonflight, but ignored the eggs.
~ These eggs became corrupted by the fel energy of the Twisting Nether.
~ Deathwing’s went into hiding again.
~ Without Deathwing, the leadership of the black dragonflight fell to two of his children; Nefarian and Onyxia.
~ Nefarion tried to create super-dragons by combining the bloodlines of various dragonflights, but ultimatle failed.
~ Onyxia disguised herself as Lady Katrana Prestor and tried to take over Stormwind by subterfuge.

Non-Horde Troll History (-9,000 ~ 25)
~ The trolls that remained in the three groups – the Forest, the Jungle and the Zandalar were further separated over time.
~ The Forest trolls that ended up going into the Mountains became furry and became Ice trolls.
~ The Jungle trolls who were guarding the lands against the Qiraj when the world exploded were trapped in a desert land, and became Sand trolls.
~ Some of the Jungle trolls (the Atal’ai) came in contact with a malevolent force which called itself Hakkar – it pretended to be the “Great Serpent” that all trolls worshipped.
~ The Jungle trolls began sacrificing each other to Hakkar.
~ The Zandalari didn’t condone this behavior and banished the Atal’ai Trolls from Stranglethorn.
~ The Atal’ai made a new temple and began their rituals anew, convinced they would summon Hakkar into this world, and Ysera the Dreamer caught wind of it. She smashed the temple deep into the depths of the swamp, killing all the trolls within, but she didn’t count on some resourceful trolls who were practicing necromancy to save themselves by becoming the undead.
~ Some of the survivors returned with renewed fervor to Stranglethorn and convinced the main tribes to start worshipping Hakkar.

The Gathering Storm (25 ~ 26)
~The night elves entered into the fold of the Alliance.
~ The undead who fled with Sylvanas awaken to the life of the forsaken – knowing who they were yet turned away for what they are. The tauren took pity on their plight and petitioned for them to join the Horde.
~ The gnomes accidentally blew up their home of Gnomeregan with a superweapon to stop a Trogg invasion.
~ The taurens forged a druidic alliance with the night elves through the Cenarion Circle.
~ Failure to pay the builders of the Masons Guild for they work in rebuilding Stormwind leads to violent protests. Queen Tiffin Wrynn is accidentally killed in one such protest. King Varian Wrynn declares the Guild outlaws and persecutes them relentlessly.
~ Members of the Masons Guild form the Defias Brotherhood with the aims of destroying Stormwind.
~ Under the guise of Lady Katrana Prestor, Onyxia instigated the kidnapping of Varian, and became regent queen of Stormwind.
~Shadow Council reemerged in the seedy underbelly of Orgrimmar. Wacky hijinks ensued.
~ Attempts to make the Barrens fertile fuck up tremendously, causeing the Emerald Nightmare to bleed through into reality. An entire druidic sec falls under the say of the Nightmare.
~ Human knights in Lordaeron go stir-crazy. Calling themselves the Scarlet Crusade they triedto kill everything and everyone.
~ Freed at last Varian slays the dragon Onyxia and reclaims his crown.
~ Open war between Horde and Alliance becomes common in Ashenvale, the Arathi Highlands and the Alterac Mountains.
~ Nefarian tries to breed super-dragons, but is killed before he can cause too much damage.
~ Hakka was finally summoned into the jungle troll capital of Zul’Gurub but was put down by band of brave adventurers..
~ Dragons corrupted by the Emerald Nightmare show up across Azeroth.
~ Kel’Thuzad shows up again in the Plaguelands flying in a nerubian ziggurat, gets killed, but doesn’t care all that much. Being a lich has it’s perks.
~ The gates of Ahn’Qiraj open and the Qiraj want payback for being walled up for so long. The Cenarion Circle meets them in battle and wins the day. The Old God C’thun was uncovered beheath Ahn’Qiraj, and put to death.

The Burning Crusade (26 ~ 27)
~ Kael’thas captures a Naaru fortress of Tempest Keep. With the power of the Keep’s Naaru, M’uru, the Blood Knights are formed, draining M’uru’s power to wield its Light.
~ Velen leads a raid on Tempest Keep to liberate the Exodar and escape Outland. Blood elf saboteurs cause it to crash on Azeroth. Discovering the presence of orcs on Azeroth the draenei join the Alliance.
~ The Dark Portal reopens. A demonic invasion is defeated by a combined Alliance and Horde attack. The Alliance and Horde agree to a pact of non-aggression and enter into Outland. The former meets up with the survivors who sealed the Prtal nearly a decade ago. The latter take in the uncorrupt remnants of the orcish tribes who were stranded on Outland when the Dark Portal closed.
~ Kael’thas betrays Illidan and turns to the Burning Legion for aid. The blood elf people do not follow their crown prince in this action. Kael’thas is harried from Outland.
~ Illidan’s stronghold is sieged by the forces of the Aldor and Scryers. The war of attrition is long and hard fought, but eventually Illidan Stormrage is slain.
~ The Forest trolls of Zul’Aman began encroaching on the remnants of Quel’thalas. Still bitter over the Alliance’s treatment of them, and with no one else to turn to the blood elves of Azeroth formed an alliance of convenience with the Horde. Betrayed by their former friends the Forest troll declared war on everyone, but were quickly quashed.
~ Kael’thas and his felblood minions took M’uru to the Sunwell Plateau in an attempt to summon Kil’jaeden into Azeroth. The Shattered Sun Offensive put a stop to his plans, killing him and banishing Kil’jaeden back to the Twisting Nether.

The Wrath of the Lich King (27 ~ 28)
~ The Lich King Arthas reawakens and begins his campaign of conquest anew.
~ Alliance and Horde expeditionary forces arrived in Northrend, seeking the Lich Kings seat of power. They found the continent spanning Icecrown Citadel, and more undead than you could shake a stick at.
~ Several death knights in service to the Lich King broke free of his control. Founding the Knights of the Ebon Blade they decided to take the fight to him.
~ The Scarlet Crusade also decided to relocate their righteous quest against everyone else to the snowy tundra of Northrend.
~ A united Horde and Alliance force beseeched Angrathar the Wrathgate to gain entrance to Icecrown. During the battle the Lich King makes an appearance. Driven by their hatred of him, members of the forsaken Royal Apothecary Society unleashed a virulent strain of the plague. Although the plage weakened the Lich King, Horde and Alliance forces were all but annihilated.
~ The Royal Apothecary Society goes rogue and claims Undercity as their own for a short time. Grand Apothecary Putress undergoes true death for his crimes.
~ Kel’Thuzad shows up again in his flying sky castle, this time in Northrend, gets killed again, and still doesn’t care all that much.
~ Healed of his insanity, Malygos the Spell-Weaver saw the world with clear eyes for the first time in millennia, and was less than happy with the view. Noticing the mortal race’s reckless use of arcane magic he declared war on the magic users of Azeroth. With the aid of Alexstrasza the heroes of Azeroth brought down the deranged Aspect of magic.
~ Whilst exploring Ulduar, Brann Bronzebeard uncovered the presence of the Old God Yogg-Saron. Ignored by both the Horde and Alliance, Brann had to rely on stalwart adventurers live himself to beat the crap out of the so-called Beast with a Thousand Maws.
~ Highlord Tirion Fordring of the Argent Crusade throws a grand tournament, because who needs to fight the Lich King when you could play jousting.
~The heroes of Azeroth made their final assault on Icecrown Citadel. Arthas Menethil was destroyed once and for all, however the potential for a new Lich King still remained. Not wanting the Scourge to go unchecked, the physically broken Bolvar Fordragon took up the mantle of Lich King, sacrificing his mortal soul to become the “Jailer of the Damned”.

The Cataclysm (28 ~ 30)
~ Deathwing returned to Azeroth with a bang. Bursting forth from the elemental plane of Deepholm, the lands of Azeroth were left permanently scarred by the shattering event.
~ The forsaken invaded the insular human kingdom of Gilneas, only to find it completely overrun by feral worgen.
~ With the aid of the night elves the worgen overcame their curse and meet the undead invaders in battle. Gilneas city is left in ruins, and the gilneans re-joined the Alliance.
~ Kezan, home to the goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel, was destroyed when Deathwing triggers a volcanic eruption. The surviving goblins joined the Horde, and began building a new home in Azshara
~ In Lordaeron, the human city of Southshore effectively got removed from the map after the forsaken unleash a plague-bomb in the city centre.
~ The Defias Brotherhood was reborn under Vanessa VanCleef after roughly five years of inactivity.
~ Lady Naz’jar of the naga broke into the elemental plane of water in an attempt to strip Neptulon the Tidehunter of his powers. Although she was defeated her servant, Ozumat father of all kraken, escaped.
~ The walls surrounding Uldum collapsed, and treasure hunters flooded the sandy kingdom.
~ Brann Bronzebeard averted an attempt at rebooting Azeroth within the Halls of Origination.
~ A gateway to elemental plane of Skywall opened over the lost Uldum city of Tol’vir, and Al’akir the Windlord was slain permanently.
~ Nefarian and Onyxia are resurrected by Deathwing, only to be slain again.
~ The Gurubashi and Amani trolls unite under the Zandalari. Jin’do the Godbreaker was killed after trying to subjugate Hakkar the Soulflayer.
~ Twilight’s Hammer agents allied with Ragnaros the Firelord at Mount Hyjal and attempted to burn down Nordrassil. The fighting spread out to within the Firelands itself. A final confrontation against Ragnaros the Firelord leads to him being permanently.
~The with his generals defeated, and plans thwarted, final assault on Deathwing and the Twilight’s Hammer begins.
~ Agents of the Alliance and Horde are sent back 10,028 years to retrieve the Dragon Soul from the War of the Ancients.
~ Archbishop Benedictus of Stormwinds Cathedral was revealed to be the “Twilight Father” and was killed.
~ Deathwing was destroyed by Thrall and the Dragon Aspects at the Maelstrom using the Dragon Soul. A second cataclysm was averted. The Aspects were reduced to a mortal state.

The Invasion of Pandaria (30 ~ 31)
~ Theramore was destroyed by a mana-bomb at Garrosh’s orders. Thousands are killed in the explosion, including numerous heroes of the Alliance.
~ After encountering the first outsiders in hundreds of years the Pandaren of the Wandering Isle split into two major groups, Tushui and Huojin, joining the Alliance and Horde respectively.
~ Pursued by the Horde whilst on a diplomatic mission, Prince Anduin Wrynn’s flagship ran aground on an uncharted island shrouded in deep mist. In their search for the missing prince Pandaria was accidentally discovered by the Alliance and Horde expeditionary forces. Each sided tried to rally the natives to their side.
~ Conflicts in the Jade Forest between the Alliance and Horde culminates in the battle of Serpent’s Heart. During the battle, the massive surge of negative energy unleashes the ancient Sha of Doubt. The sha once again became a grave danger to Pandaria and all its denizens.
~ The Sha of Anger rampages across countryside of Kun-Lai.
~ The Alliance and Horde navies made landfall in the Krasarang Wilds. A war of attrition starts on the beachfronts. During the confrontations the Sha of Despair was discovered, and a momentary ceasefire was enacted to bring it down.
~ The Sha of Hatred and Sha of Violence escape their bindings in Shado-Pan Monastary, enslaving the elite Shado-Pan clan. They are eventually defeated by a group of outsiders freeing the pandaren.
~The mantid empire began their swarm attacks on Pandaria, several years earlier than expected. Shado-Pan forces discovered the mantid empress has been corrupted by the Sha of Fear.

~ Garrosh learns of the Divine Bell; a mogue artifact capable of harnessing the powers of the Sha.
~ Garrosh uses blood elf agents to raid Darnassus, recovering the Divine Bell, and sabotaging Lor’themar’s negotiations with the Alliance.
~ The Horde and its sympathisers are violently removed from Dalaran. Jaina Proudmoore renounces the neutrality of the Kirin Tor and declares allegiance to the Alliance.
~ Anduin learns that the Divine Bell could also be used to bring harmony to the lands of Pandaria.
~ Catching up with one another Garrosh and Anduin both attempted to use the Bell, but are prevented what it is accidentally shattered.

~ The Zandalari arrived on the scene and rejoined with their ancient mogu allies, resurrecting the fabled Thunder King, Lei Shen.
~ The Kirin Tor and Sunreavers both arrive on the Isle of Thunder to do battle with the mogu, Zandalari, and each other.
~ It is revealed that Thunder King’s palace is built atop a Titan holding facility, capable of being used to harness unspeakable power. Lei Shen is deposed before he can become and major.

~ An attempted assassination by the Garrosh’s men forces Vol’jin into hiding. Fleeing to Durotar he began inciting a rebellion against Garrosh. The Alliance forms a truce with the rebels.

~ The heart of the Old God Y’Shaarj was unearthed beneath the Vale of Eternal Blossom by a Horde excavation team.
~Garrosh Hellscream uses the Pools of Power to revive the heart, destroying half of the Vale in the process. This action unleashes the Sha of Pride. Garrosh flees to Orgrimmar
~ With Garrosh corrupted by the powers of an Old God, the heroes of the Horde and Alliance begin sieging Orgrimmar.
~Garrosh is dethroned and captured, then moved to Pandaria for trial. Vol’jin replaces Garrosh as Warchief of the Horde.


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